Okay, this isn’t rocket science, and more often than not, there’s nothing there there. But in this instance, the photo that Brandon Sanderson posted in his newsletter from the set of the Wheel of Time does actually include revealing information.

The description imbedded within the photo reveals the following:

“Wheel of Time” S01_Ep102_D06 – 2/06 pt 2/3 – EXT OPPOSITE SHORE – PIER TO COMPLETE – HIGHTOWER wants to return LAN won’t allow him. “The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills”. HIGHTOWER drowns going after the sinking ferry

Let’s break this down:

  • This is a photo taken during filming for the scene about the crossing of the Taren.
  • The Emond’s Fielders plus Moraine and Lan will in fact rouse Hightower to use his ferry to cross.
  • The ferry sinks, consistent with the book, most likely by Moraine using the one power.
  • Deviation from the book: Hightower drowns going after the ferry.
  • This last bit makes a bit more sense. In the book, the boys are scared of Moraine because of what she did to the ferry. That always seemed tenuous since her action was very justified to cut off the Trollocs following the group.


The author of the photo is “Jan Thijs“, a Canada-based photographer who seems to have done photography work for Amazon on shows such as Carnival Row and Jack Ryan

Here’s the photo:


©2020 Amazon Prime Video; photo by Jan Thijs



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