Hopper, Dapple, Wind, Burn? Is that you? Our Hunters of the Horn have come across Z Molu Es Kennel, which supplied The Wheel of Time television show production with beautiful wolves (around 28% wolf blood in most cases). The website for the Kennel listed multiple filming dates in October of 2019 and February of 2020.

For some background on what kind of work went into the preparation for the show, one post on the kennel’s website stated that they had a “demanding shooting of The Wheel of Time, for which we have been preparing the pack for half a year”.

capture from http://www.wolfdogs.cz/ on June 16th 2020


Atinka Sun “Tinky,” Ka Lupinka and Fu Finka filming in February of 2020. Source: http://www.wolfdogs.cz/


Yukon, Tinky , Fu Finka , Ka Lupinka and Budulínek filming in February 2020. Source: http://www.wolfdogs.cz/


Source: http://www.wolfdogs.cz/

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