WoTSeries.com has learned that David Buckley has exited the Wheel of Time on Prime as its composer. Mr. Buckley confirmed to WoTSeries.com that he is “not scoring the show.” Buckley was announced as being attached to the show back in December of 2019 and show runner Rafe Judkins confirmed this in a Q&A in March of 2020. It is currently unknown why Buckley left the show and if a replacement has been found.

We are unsure of exactly when Buckley left the show, but we can speculate on this. In August of 2020, Buckley did an interview with filmmusicinstitute.com, saying he was beginning to work on the score for WoT on Prime. In October of 2020, The Wheel of Time was removed from Buckley’s credits on IMDB. So we can guess that at some point between August and October he exited the show. This would give Rafe and the team plenty of time to search for and select a new composer.

We would like to thank a reader for sending in a tip on this, which prompted us to do us some more digging.

What do you all think of this news? Who do you think should replace David Buckley as the composer of The Wheel of Time on Prime?

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