We recently found another audition video for an unnamed character for the Wheel of Time. The video has since been removed, and we will not be providing the name of the actor who auditioned out of respect for their privacy. However, we do have a transcript of the audition below. While audition tapes may not be indicative of the final dialogue that will appear on the show, please only read on if you don’t mind possible spoilers!

The audition scene features the actor and what seems to be at least three other characters. We believe one of these characters may be Logain, as there are references made to a Naga Reborn, which is a known code name for The Dragon Reborn. We’ve labeled that character as Logain below, but keep in mind this is just a guess.

Person 1: No! Come with me!
Logain (?): Go!
Auditioner: Kill them!
Person 2: You will never wear the Silver Crown
Logain (?): I don’t want to. What does a crown mean to a Naga Reborn?
Person 2: You really believe it, don’t you?
Logain (?): You will, too.
Auditioner: Kill him. Be done with it.
Person 2: I sent word to the Stone Temple. The Witches will come for you.
Logain (?): Those women should be following me, not fighting me, but they’re afraid. Afraid the Naga will break the world again, throw us back thousands of years, just like the last one did. They forget that the Naga is just as likely to save the world as break it.
Auditioner: Kill him. Show him your power
Logain (?): Is that your solution to everything?
Person: Who are you talking to? You’ve gone mad already?
Auditioner: Kill him. Kill him.

There’s reference to a Silver Crown; though there is no such crown in the books, this could be what they’re calling the crown of Ghealdan in the audition scripts and possibly the show. It also appears that the role the actor was auditioning for could only be heard by the character we believe might be Logain. In previously leaked audition scripts, it was mentioned by other characters that Logain no longer looks sane by the time he is captured by the Aes Sedai. This video might hint that the television series will use Logain to show the audience the process of a male channeler becoming mad and how that madness might manifest.

Finally, while this is not an indication of exactly when the tape was created, the video was uploaded in October of 2020, which may indicate that this was for some of the additional scenes shot in Segovia in late 2020. According to El Dia Segovia, October 2020 is also when members of the production team visited the Alcázar prior to shooting taking place.

So, what do you think? Do you think the Naga Reborn in this scene is Logain? If not, what else do you think this scene could represent?

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