In a recent interview with Esquire Spain magazine Álvaro Morte, who has been cast as Logain Ablar, spoke a little bit about The Wheel of Time on Prime. The following response has been translated from Spanish with the help of Twitter user Mati (@_alivealife_). Thank you, Mati!

When we asked him about his participation in this super production, he told us:
With this role I’ve felt a great responsibility towards the people who love this saga so much. I have tried to make the character my own, because I think it is the responsibility of the actors to bring something creative to the character. When they called me to tell me that I’d been cast, they also told me that I’ll start recording in two weeks, so I didn’t even have time to read the books. There’s a lot of them and this character appears from the third [note: he says “third or fourth book” in the video interview], but Logain just had to be included now. So I was talking to the showrunner and the directors, and we tried to come up with something special that would have my personal touch. When this character from the saga was described to me, he seems straight out of the Matrix, always dressed in black, with his long black hair [translator’s note: the implication is LONG hair]. A very elegant and serious guy. I wanted to break that down a bit and find the humanity in him. And at the same time, because of what his role in the series, it allowed for something very theatrical. He’s a character who, despite having very natural reactions, feelings, and inner life, behaves dramatically  He’s constantly performing. This allowed me to dig into something more theatrical, especially when he’s interacting with other characters or when he’s by himself, when he lets the mask slip. And because of that, I find it to be something very cool to work on. Hopefully the fans like it.

There are some very interesting pieces here in Álvaro’s answer. First off, he acknowledges the passion and love many have for the books and what a responsibility it is to those fans when playing Logain. The next thing is that he is trying to bring something new to the character in his portrayal. It sounds like Álvaro’s Logain will be someone quite dramatic in front of others but will have a different side to him when alone.

Rafe has said in the past of his desire to flesh out Logain and his story more. What do you think about what Álvaro has shared in his answer to Esquire? Are you excited to see his own take on the character?

– Lane & Eri

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