First Look: Daniel Henney as Lan Mandragoran

WoTonPrime–now rebranded as The Wheel of Time–released a short clip of Daniel Henney in costume as legendary warder Lan Mandragoran. The background looks similar to the Moiraine teaser from last month, and this is most likely a clip from the Trolloc attack on Winternight. Interestingly, a near identical line of dialogue appeared in Nynaeve audition tapes uncovered in late 2019. As audition scripts are not necessarily indicative of the final shooting script, it’s possible the context will be different in the show, or the line was cut altogether and used only for this trailer.

Season Two Filming Soon

Back in November, 2019, showrunner Rafe Judkins tweeted that they had started the writers’ room for the second season. He also mentioned the season 2 scripts during his Zoom call at JordanCONline in April, 2020. After we reported that the production had shut down for the second time and would restart in April of this year, many fans speculated that the production would transition directly into filming Season 2 after wrapping Season 1. Given the logistical nightmare of two production shutdowns during the first season, proceeding to Season 2 as quickly as possible would make sense for avoiding further delays. Various crew members have been returning to the Czech Republic over the few weeks, and recent social media posts from Josha Stradowski, Madeleine Madden, Rosamund Pike, and Daniel Henney indicate that filming is underway.

Today, Deadline reported that the production is currently finishing filming Season 1, with Season 2 to shoot immediately afterwards.

In addition, work continues on the two biggest projects ever shot in Czech Republic: The Wheel of Time (Amazon, Sony) with Rosamund Pike, which is finishing up shooting on the first series, with the second series to follow immediately afterwards.

Production Weekly also lists Wheel of Time Season 2 on the production grid for upcoming Sony shows.

Screencap from Production Weekly showing "The Wheel of Time Season 2" is currently in active development

If Season 1 wraps filming within the next month, a 2021 release doesn’t seem out of the question, especially considering that they have likely completed most post-production for episodes 1-6. Light willing, we’ll have a show by the end of the year.

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