Wotseries previously reported on season 1 budget for The Wheel of Time television series. At the time, we estimated a big portion of the budget based on the incentive allocations published by the Czech State Fund of Cinematography. Recently, a new report from the State Fund show an estimate of “eligible costs”, the spending in the Czech Republic by Amazon Studios which qualifies for the 20% incentive.

The newly released figures show The Wheel of Time production in the Czech Republic will spend an estimated 1,965,502,522 Czech Koruna for Season 1 alone. That equals close to 91 million US dollars, making this production the biggest recipient of incentives in the history of the Fund, beating out Carnival Row, another Amazon production. Our previous estimate of qualifying spending was $75 million, based on reverse calculation of the published incentive amounts at the time.

The above figures do not include spending in Croatia, Tenerife, Slovenia and Spain. Additional spending on post production, visual effects and other foreign cast and crew is also likely not represented in the above figures.

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