It’s been almost two months since filming began on season 2 of Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time. Details about the filming have been kept tightly under wraps, but we have been able to uncover some information about filming locations for the second season of the epic fantasy show. Keep in mind that all of these locations have yet to be officially confirmed by the production.

Letohrádek Hvězda

The first filming location is that of Letohrádek Hvězda (pictured above), which translates into English as “Star Villa” or “Star Summer Palace.” The Renaissance villa is a cultural monument situation in a game reserve of the same name. Drone filming was completed at this location on one day in August, though we don’t know if filming occurred inside or on the surrounding grounds.


The second location is a quarry that we already know was used as a location for season 1. Filming was spotted at this location in mid-August, 2021, though we are unable to confirm at this time if this filming was for The Wheel of Time. We previously speculated that the location might have been used for the area around Fal Dara or The Blight.

Barrandov Studios

Barrandov Studios is the largest film studio in the Czech Republic and is one of the largest in Europe. Many movies and tv series have been filmed at Barrandov, including Prime Video fantasy series, Carnival Row. In a recent interview with Barrandov Studio head, Petr Tichý, he revealed that he is currently working on several series, including The Wheel of Time. Season 2 director Thomas Napper was spotted at Barrandov Studios at the end of May 2021, possibly for pre-production work for season 2.

Jordan Studios

While we’re discussing film studios, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Jordan Studios, The Wheel of Time’s very own base of operations in Prague. It stands to reason that many indoor scenes will be filmed at Jordan Studios. Additionally, the studio’s backlot was home to at least one outdoor set for season 1. It’s possible this set may be utilized again for season 2, and it’s also possible that they may have built new outdoor sets for season 2. Because Jordan Studios and its backlot are private and closed, much of what is filmed there is shrouded in mystery.


While we haven’t seen signs of shooting there yet, we previously speculated that Morocco would be a filming location for season 2. Director and executive producer Sanaa Hamri also appears to have visited Morocco in mid-2021; however, she may have been visiting family, as she is from Tangier, Morocco.

Puglia, Italy

Finally, some of the cast and crew were recently spotted in Puglia, Italy for filming. The Puglia region is known for its whitewashed hill towns, lush farmlands, and olive trees. A local news site has revealed that filming is occurring near the city of Ostuni, at the Masseria Lo Spagnulo and the Masseria Borzone, between September 14 and 23, 2021. Four hundred cast, extras, and crew are currently on-site. Masseria are historic fortified farmhouses scattered around the Puglia region, many of which are now used as hotels. It’s currently unknown whether filming is taking place inside the buildings, on the grounds, or both.

Cast confirmed to be in Puglia are Priyanka Bose (Alanna Mosvani), Taylor Napier (Maksim), Emmanuel Imani (Ihvon) and Madeleine Madden (Egwene al’Vere). Cast we suspect may also be in the area include Josha Stradowski (Rand al’Thor) and Ceara Coveney (unconfirmed, speculated to be Elayne Trakand). Sanaa Hamri and cinematographer David Moxness were also in Italy earlier in 2021, likely for location scouting and prep.

Other Locations

There are two other locations that cast were spotted in since season 2 filming began. The first is Gmunden, Austria. Back on August 12th, Josha posted pictures of himself in the area, possibly camping, with amazing views of Traunstein Mountain and Traunsee lake. (Thank you to some of our readers who helped to identify the area!) The second location is Croatia. On August 15th, Madeleine shared pictures from both Bol and Split, and two days later, Ceara also shared a picture that we believe was also taken in Split, Croatia.

Though Croatia was used as a filming location for season 1, because the cast were at these locations at roughly the same time, we suspect that the cast might have been taking advantage of relaxed travel restrictions and enjoying a well-earned vacation.

Season 2 Filming Structure

Deadline reported that Sanaa Hamri will direct “half the season,” implying four episodes.  (Note: an earlier version of the article reported it would be the second half of the season.)  We don’t know if they’re using the same block structure for filming season 2, but as the characters split up and travel the world, it becomes increasingly likely that episodes could be filmed out of order. We can also expect multiple filming units.

We do know that a Table Read was held on August 18, 2021, just about a month after season 2 filming began. Kelly Valentine Hendry, the casting director, was also in Prague recently on September 9, 2021, possibly for other show-related business, but also possibly for another table read. During season 1 filming, a table read for each production block was conducted ahead of the principal photography for that block. While we don’t know what this table read schedule might indicate for the season 2 filming schedule, it does seem to be a sign that things are moving along well.

What do you think they might be filming in Italy? Which locations from books 2 and possibly 3 are you most looking forward to next season? Let us know in the comments below!

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