Almost 30 new cast members have just been added to The Wheel of Time IMDb page for season 1! Many of these were previously reported on, but never officially confirmed by production. There are also new roles revealed, including several that are quite interesting. IMDb information should always be taken with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to which episode(s) an actor will appear in. However, most of this new information does align with what we already know.

Episode Appearances

All the existing season 1 cast have been updated to include which episode(s) they appear in. As mentioned earlier, IMDb information is not guaranteed to be accurate, especially in this regard. For instance, many actors were originally added to IMDb with episode 1 as the default, regardless of whether their character appeared there. (Characters including Alanna, Logain, Master Grinwell, and Loial still have episode 1 listed.)

Notable New Roles

(Warning: spoilers for the first four books of The Wheel of Time!)

Berden Sanche (played by Peter De Jersey)
While a character by this name doesn’t appear in the books (other than a Younglings officer named “Berden”), we suspect De Jersey is playing Siuan’s father or uncle. According to a social media post from a crew member, he and Keira Chansa filmed a boat scene on a river. According to IMDB he appears in episode 6, The Flame of Tar Valon. It’s likely that the Young Siuan scene(s) will be a flashback to Siuan’s childhood, rather than her as a Novice or Accepted in the White Tower.

Tigraine Mantear  (played by Magdalena Sittova)
Tigraine Mantear is an Aiel Maiden of the Spear, who gave birth to Rand al’Thor before dying on the slopes of Dragonmount during the Battle of the Shining Walls. This is where Tam al’Thor finds her, and takes the baby to raise as his own. Sittova strongly resembles the Aiel woman that briefly appeared in a recent teaser trailer, so it looks like we can expect a flashback scene. According to IMDB, she will appear in episode 7. Sittova is a Czech stuntwoman and actress. Most recently she appeared in Dune, where she served as Rebecca Ferguson’s stunt double.

Latra Posae Decume (played by Katie Brayben)
Latra was an Age of Legends Aes Sedai, who led the opposition to Lews Therin Telamon’s plan to seal the Bore. According to IMDB, she will appear in episode 8. It is possible that this character will be different than she is in the books, or they are using the name for an Aes Sedai character from the Third Age, but we find that unlikely.  Brayben is an English actress, singer and musician that has performed in stage plays, television and musicals. She studied at the Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, and made her West End debut when she took over the lead role of Sophie in the 10th anniversary production of Mamma Mia!. She is best known for her performance in the London production of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, which she was the lead role and won the 2015 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical.  Her work on television includes roles in shows like Luther, The Alienist, and Doctor Who.

Other New Roles

Old Man (Jan Petrina): Appears in episode 1, Leavetaking. Petrina is also the show’s stunt coordinator.
Tom Thane (Petr Simcak): Appears in episode 1, Leavetaking.
Yellow Aes Sedai (Vilma Frantová): Appears in episode 2, Shadow’s Waiting. This is likely the Aes Sedai executed by Whitecloaks that can be briefly spotted in the official trailer.
Young Boy (Krrish Patel): Appears in episode 2, Shadow’s Waiting.
Homeless Man (Jan Loukota): Appears in episode 3, A Place of Safety.
Grinwell Son (David Dvorscik): Appears in episode 4, The Dragon Reborn.
Malkieri Child (Madiana Day): Appears in episode 7.
Malkieri Woman (Derancie Baitoukou): Appears in episode 7. This Malkieri woman and child are presumably part of another flashback, unless there are more living Malkieri in the TV show.
Armswoman Hallway (Terezie Vraspirová): Appears in episode 8. We suspect the name of this role might be a typo or mistake.
Armswoman Rose (Petra Buckova): Appears in episode 8.
Shienaran Woman (Petra Lustigová): Appears in episode 8.
Small Girl on Western Shore (Alexia Rodriguez-Melian): Appears in episode 8. This role is puzzling, as the “western shore” part seems odd to include. Perhaps she is at Falme and witnesses the Seanchan sailing in, setting up a major antagonist for season 2.

Previously Unconfirmed Roles

Bode Cauthon (Litiana Biutanaseva): Appears in episode 1, Leavetaking.
Eldrin Cauthon (Lilibet Biutanaseva): Appears in episode 1, Leavetaking.
Young Man (Roman Dvořák): Appears in episode 1, Leavetaking. He was previously reported to play a Trolloc, so this may be an additional non-stunt role, or an error.
Laila Dearn (Helena Westerman): Appears in episode 1, Leavetaking, and episode 3, A Place of Safety. Westerman’s CV originally listed her role as “Laila Aybara,” launching almost two years of fandom speculation about her role in season 1. Assuming IMDB’s episode listing is correct, we suspect she may appear again in a dream.
Master Hightower (Pearce Quigley): Appears in episode 2, Shadow’s Waiting.
Elusha Salid (Rebecca Tanwen): Appears in episode 4, The Dragon Reborn. We previously reported about Rebecca’s involvement in the show last December.
Helga Grinwell (Robyn Betteridge): Appears in episode 4, The Dragon Reborn. According to Jon from WoT Up, and Robyn’s twitter profile, she was originally cast as “Else Grinwell,” but it’s possible the role was renamed, or this is simply an error on IMDB.
Maigan (Sandy McDade): Appears in episode 6, The Flame of Tar Valon. She can be briefly spotted in the Hall of the Tower scenes in the trailers, as a Sitter for the Blue Ajah. We previously reported on her being part of the show in April of this year.
Yellow Sister (Evelyn Mok): Appears in episode 6, The Flame of Tar Valon. She can be briefly spotted in the Hall of the Tower scenes in the trailers, as a Sitter for the Yellow Ajah. We also reported about Evelyn in April, though Redanian Intelligence confirmed her role a few months ago.
Young Siuan Sanche (Keira Chansa): Appears in episode 6, The Flame of Tar Valon.
Zahir (Michael D’Cruze): Appears in episode 7.
Lord Yakota (Amar Chadha-Patel): Appears in episodes 7 and 8. We previously reported he would play the role of Ingtar Shinowa, as the role was listed on his CV. Jon from WoT Up has confirmed that Chadha-Patel has left the show due to scheduling conflicts with his starring role in the upcoming Disney+ series Willow. The role of Ingtar has been recast for season 2, and his season 1 role was renamed.
Lews Therin Telamon (Alexander Karim): Appears in episode 8. Considering the casting of Latra Posae Decume, it seems reasonable to assume they have a scene together.


We have just around a week remaining until the first three episodes are released for The Wheel of Time season 1. Do these newly announced cast members change your theories on what will be covered in the first season? Let us know in the comments below!

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