There’s about a month left of season two filming to go, and as official word continues to be quiet while focus is on completing principal photography, we have some updates on previous news. But first, an exciting scoop for fans of The Wheel of Time!

Laia Costa Cast for Season Two

Actor Laia Costa will be part of The Wheel of Time for season two. Her role is that of “Magdelena.” However, since there is no character by the name of Magdelena in the books, we suspect that this may either be a code name for another character or a new character for the TV show. Other details regarding Costa’s role and information about when she filmed is currently unknown. (Note: A previous version of this article misspelled the name Magdelena. This has been corrected.)

Costa is a Barcelona-born actress who earned a PhD in Communication and International Relations before she started acting at the age of 26. She made a name for herself in 2016 with her performance in the German heist movie Victoria, an unscripted movie shot in one take. For her performance, Costa won a Lola for best actress at the Berlin Film Awards, the first non-German to do so. She recently starred in the film Lullaby (Cincos Lobitos), for which she won Best Actress at the 25th Malaga Film Festival, along with with co-star Susi Sánchez. The film also took home awards for Best Film, Best Screenplay, and Audience Choice Award. Filming of Lullaby took place for 5 weeks in July and August of 2021. (Season two of The Wheel of Time began filming on July 19, 2021.)

Stewart Kenneth Moore’s Role

In February, actor and artist Stewart Kenneth Moore revealed that he had filmed a role in The Wheel of Time, but would not reveal what it is. A recent update to a CV lists Moore’s role as “Stable Master.” If you recall, his scene was described as “fairly memorable” and involved “riding a black horse through a Czech forest in the cold midnight air.”

Director Maja Vrvilo Leaves Morocco

Maja Vrvilo, the director for episodes 5 and 6 of season two, bid farewell to Morocco on April 1. That leaves executive producer and director Sanaa Hamri remaining to complete what’s left of filming. Hamri is directing half the season and is the director for episodes 3, 4, 7, and 8, leaving lots of room open for speculation on how the Morocco filming will fit into the season as a whole.

Jay Duffy in Morocco

Finally, we have a quick update on our recent cast speculation article. Actor Jay Duffy appears to have been spotted in Morocco. Please remember that we still have no official word on whether or not Jay Duffy is involved in The Wheel of Time season two, and that there are several other productions in the area that actors could be a part of. However, we are feeling more confident about our speculation, even if we still don’t have any idea what role Duffy could be playing.

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