New Filming Location

Things seem to be moving quickly with the filming of season 2 of The Wheel of Time since our last update on the filming in Morocco. A new filming location has been identified in Morocco. Joe of the Talk’aran’rhiod podcast shared a source that preparation has been underway in Essaouira for filming of The Wheel of Time. According to the source, they will be using the Skala Medina for prep and shooting from April 11-30th. 

A comparison of the area before (left) and after (right) work for The Wheel of Time.

A comparison of the Northern Bastion area before (left) and after (right) work for The Wheel of Time.

Construction has already been underway at the site, where facades have been created to enhance the existing walls. Based on the direction of the facades, we are guessing that filming will be taking place along the fortified walls of the Skala de la Kasbah between the area of the Northern Bastion and the main gate, Rue Laalouj. Bronze cannons that usually line the walls have been temporarily relocated to outside the filming area. Game of Thrones fans may recognize this location; Astapor scenes for season three were filmed here. 

Comparison of the filming area before (left) and after (right) prep for The Wheel of Time.

Comparison of the filming area before (left) and after (right) prep for The Wheel of Time.

It seems that much of the major filming is wrapping up in Ouarzazate, as some of the crew members working in that area have already departed for home. As far as Essaouira, we can only speculate what scenes might be filmed there, as we don’t know what in-world location it may be standing in for. One option could be the walls of Falme during the scenes at the end of The Great Hunt. 

Update on Banners on Set

Our friend Jon at WoT Up! reported that banners were seen decorating the Jerusalem set at CLA Studios late last month. It was initially thought that the banners appeared to have a white tree over a light blue background, leading to speculation they might be the banners of Tarabon or the former nation of Almoth. However, we have now seen clearer photos of these banners and we believe that the previous interpretation of them being a tree may be incorrect. The emblem now appears to be a very stylized hawk with lightning bolts in its talons, likely signifying this is the show’s banner for the Seanchan. In the books it’s described as “a golden hawk in flight, clutching three lightning bolts in each claw.”

More Cast in Morocco

Per another report from Jon at WoT Up!, he received some revealing set photos and video from the Jerusalem set in Ouarzazate. Jon was unable to show the videos on his channel, but he was able to describe them. Mounted Whitecloaks can be seen charging towards the walls of the city in the first video, and in the second the Whitecloaks are charging through the gate while a Seanchan solider runs out of the way. With this info we can speculate that Abdul Salis (Eamon Valda) and/or Stuart Graham (Geofram Bornhald) were likely part of the filming in Morocco at some point.

In addition to returning Whitecloak actors, we can report Dónal Finn (Mat Cauthon) has been spotted on set in Morocco. Fares Fares, who played the role of “The Dark One” in season one, is also currently in Morocco. They join Josha Stradowski (Rand al’Thor) as confirmed cast members known to be in Morocco, along with speculated cast members spotted in the area: Karima McAdams, Ragga Ragnars, Ayoola Smart, and Jay Duffy.

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