Back in August of 2021, Redanian Intelligence uncovered that Danish actor Salle Salée would be a part of season two of The Wheel of Time, though at the time, the show was not mentioned by name. Today, we’re able to announce her role.

According to her agency resume, Salée will play the role of “Elsa Treehill” in The Wheel of Time’s second season. There is no character named Elsa Treehill in The Wheel of Time books, however, this could be a composite character combining Else Grinwell and Nicola Treehill. It is important to note that a daughter of the Grinwells appeared in season one as “Helga Grinwell.”  On a different CV for the actor, her role is listed at “novice”, which tells us that this new character will be an initiate of the White Tower. The actor’s resume lists Thomas Napper as director, placing her appearance within in the first two episodes of the season two.

We can also report that actor You-Ri Yamanaka will play the role of “Min’s Aunt.” Yamanaka is a stage, screen, and voice actor, and also a movement coach. She filmed in Prague at the beginning of October 2021 under director Sanaa Hamri, which places her appearance in episode 3 or 4. She’s currently movement directing a stage adaptation of Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro for the Royal Shakespeare Company this fall.

Yamanaka is the second actor revealed to play an aunt of Min, the first being Haruka Kuroda. In the books, Min was raised by her three aunts, Jan, Rana, and Miren, however the exact number is something that may change from book to screen.

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