We have previously speculated that actor Jay Duffy might have joined the show’s second season. This was confirmed recently through an update to Duffy’s CV on his agency website. The resume lists a credit for “The Wheel of Time (Season 2)” but does not reveal a role or any other information.

Screenshot showing Jay Duffy's resume with a Wheel of Time credit


Jay Duffy

Jay is an up and coming Irish actor. He is the son of actor and Boyzone singer, Keith Duffy (Coronation Street). His resume includes 6 screen credits mostly in television, including an appearance in Vikings back in 2014. Jay is 26 years old and stands at 6’2″ in height.


Role Speculation

After the release of the Season 2 behind-the-scenes teaser, some fans speculated that Jay Duffy appeared in the video clip. Our friends from Talk’aran’rhiod believe he is seen at the practice yard in the white tower with a staff:

Here at Wotseries we think it likely that Jay Duffy also appeared in a fight scene between the Seanchan and the Whitecloaks. He appears to be fighting with the Whitecloaks against Seanchan soldiers, yet his uniform looks distinctly different than those The Children of the Light are wearing

Fight scene from The Wheel of Time season 2 behind-the-scenes teaser between White Cloaks and Seanchan soldiers

Photo courtesy of High-res export from Unraveling the Pattern

Given the above information, it is likely that Duffy is playing Gawyn or possibly Galad, with a slight possibility that he could be playing the younger Bornhald, Dain. Who do you think Jay Duffy will play in the show?


Wotseries.com reached out to Jay Duffy’s agency but we have yet to receive a response.



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