Official news about The Wheel of Time’s Season 2 is ever so slowly being released as we creep towards its as-yet-unannounced release date. It’s been months since our last official casting announcement of Ayoola Smart as Aviendha, but today, we have two new unofficial cast for season 2 and news of a cast member returning from season 1.

Rachel Denning

Rachel Denning is a London based actor who is best known for roles in Dr. Who and Artemis Fowl. Denning graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in 2008, and since then has had numerous stage, television, and film credits. Denning has restricted growth and in 2011, appeared in Short Works, a BBC documentary that presented the difficulties people with dwarfism face in the entertainment industry.

According to her CV, she will be appearing as “Nyomi,” likely in episode 5 or 6, as director Maja Vrvilo was credited. As we’ve seen with other character names, Nyomi is not a name that appears in the books. This could indicate that the name is a code name for another character or that it is the name of a new minor role, similar to Dana (played by Izuka Hoyle) from season 1.

Michael Amariah

Michael Amariah is an actor and voiceover artist from London. An alumni of the Oxford School of Drama, Amariah has appeared on shows like Eastenders and This Sceptered Isle and was a winner of the 2021 Mandy Monologue Competition in the Established Actor category. He can be seen next in Prime Video’s upcoming drama Riches (which stars fellow Wheel of Time actor Emmanuel Imani) and Apple TV’s Liaison (with Wheel of Time actor Daniel Francis).

Amariah’s CV credits him as a gleeman in an episode directed by Sanaa Hamri. Given that Hamri is directing half of season 2, this does not help to narrow down which episode he might be appearing in. We do hope we will be able to hear a gleeman’s tale out of his character, perhaps one recounting the Heroes of the Horn?

Sandy McDade

Finally, the CV of actor Sandy McDade has been updated to reflect appearances in both season one and two. As a refresher, we last saw Maigan, McDade’s character, in season one, episode six, in which she ordered Rosamund Pike‘s Moiraine to stay in the White Tower so that Maigan could investigate the reports of ships disappearing off of the Western coast of the continent. Moiraine was unable to stay in the Tower, but perhaps Maigan will find another Blue Sister to manage affairs in her absence while she heads west, anyway?

We’ve suspected that we would be seeing more of McDade’s Maigan in season two, but now that we have confirmation, we are all the more anxious to see what fate awaits the Aes Sedai!

Season Two Cast

The list of known cast members for season two has been slowly but steadily growing, as to be expected for the adaptation of a book series with over 2000 named characters. To help keep them all straight, I’ve compiled the latest cast additions and updates in a new video! You can also check out our past articles covering all the casting news for season 2.

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