If you’ve been following our coverage of The Wheel of Time, you’ll know that we have been unsure about whether or not the character of Thom Merrilin would be reappearing in season 2. In the books (minor spoilers ahead!), the gleeman encounters Rand briefly in the second book, The Great Hunt, and then meets up with Mat in the third book, The Dragon Reborn. However, the actor who portrayed Thom in season 1, Alexandre Willaume, was busy filming Netflix show 1899 during much of the time that the second season of The Wheel of Time was being filmed, casting uncertainty over whether or not the fan favorite character would be making his way back.

Well, Alexandre Willaume himself recently cleared up this mystery. During an interview on The Mighty Dragon Podcast, while discussing his upcoming projects, Willaume stated, “The Wheel of Time…I’m not in season 2, ’cause my character, Thom Merrilin, is not in for season 2, but he should be in for season 3, so I hope that.”

While it surely is disappointing to fans that they will have to wait to see the character of Thom return to the screen, it will be exciting to see how the show will adapt the character’s story. The character doesn’t become more permanently attached to the main characters until book 4, The Shadow Rising, which will be the focus of season 3’s storylines.

As we previously reported, season 3 is currently anticipated to start filming in early 2023, likely March.

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