The long-awaited first trailer for season 2 of The Wheel of Time was released yesterday, July 19, 2023. In case you missed it, here it is again:

We’ve already made some observations about the trailer, but we wanted to also break down some of the filming locations we see in the trailer. Many of these locations were already noted in our break down of the sneak peek released at New York Comic-Con 2022. There are more locations seen, but these are the ones we could identify.

An explosion erupt outwards from the gate at the city walls of Cairhien, tossing a few people in the air


  • Location: Barrandov Studios Backlot, Czech Republic

  • Date: Unknown

  • Additional information: Moiraine stands in the foregate area of Cairhien outside the city walls. The explosion erupting through the gate appears to be coming from inside the city. Reference images can be seen in this video breaking down locations.

Perrin rides his horse.

Party on Horseback

  • Location: Calanchi di Pisticci, Italy

  • Date: September 2021

  • Episode: 1 or 2

  • Note: A previous version of this article inaccurately identified the location as Calanchi di Aliano. Thanks to Visit Pisticci for providing us with the correct information!

A village of people sit in terror as Seanchan take over.
Still from The Wheel of Time showing Uno, Masema and Ingtar about to get hit with an air force from a Damane's weave

Seanchan Take Over Village

  • Location: Mělník District, Czech Republic

  • Date: Possibly August 2021

  • Additional Information: This filming location was used across the many months of filming and will likely appear across multiple episodes.

Rand walks down a corridor towards a door at the end.
A close-up of Rand's face as he walks down a corridor.

Cat Crosses the Corridor

  • Location: Chotěšov Monastery, Czech Republic

  • Date: August 2021

  • Additional information: This location was previously report in a video breakdown of filming.

Rand speaks to Logain

Two Dragons

  • Location: unknown

  • Date: unknown

  • Additional information: While we don’t know exactly when or where this was taken, the tree in the background looks like an olive tree. Filming in Italy took place in September 2021. Note that Rand appears to be wearing the same outfit he’s wearing while walking down the hall, which — if this scene is meant to take place after the hallway — would likely put this in episode 1 or 2.

Lan speaking to Moiraine in a fancy room lit with candles.
Rand speaking to Siuan who is seated upon the Amyrlin seat in a fancy room. Sunlight streams into the room from a window behind Siuan's head.
Rand stands in a fancy room as he talks to Siuan (off screen)

Chateau Karlova Koruna

  • Location: Chlumec nad Cidlinou, Czech Republic

  • Date: February 2022

  • Additional Information: We previously reported on this filming location.

A damane, sul'dam by her side, channels
Egwene faces a damane (off-screen) while Elayne runs away.
A Waygate in a jungle.

Waygate Ambush

  • Location: Fint Oasis, Ouarzazate, Morocco

  • Date: March – April 2022

  • Additional information: Behind Egwene and Elayne appears to be the waygate revealed in the previously released Behind The Scenes teaser (bottom picture).

Rand approaches the viewer, a shawl wrapped over his head
Whitecloaks on horseback charge across a barren landscape


  • Location: Ouarzazate, Morocco

  • Date: March 2022

  • Additional information: Rand approaches Turok inside the city. Outside, Whitecloaks approach on horseback.

A night-time view of the North Harbor of Tar Valon from above

Bonus: North Harbor

  • Location: Jordan Studios, Czech Republic

  • Date: unknown

  • While this likely all takes place on a set, we wanted to note that Liandrin appears to be sneaking through Tar Valon to visit North Harbor at night. Moiraine previously revealed in season 1 that she knew Liandrin was meeting a man at North Harbor.

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