Hot on the heels of the season two trailer, we have two castings to report: one new and one previously unknown role. This article will contain minor book spoilers through Lord of Chaos.


According to his CV, actor Callum Kerr will play “Galad Trakand” in an unspecified season of The Wheel of Time, with Sanaa Hamri listed as the director. Kerr is a Scottish actor and musician who currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Most of his work is in television, including Flowers In The Attic: The Origin, Monarch, and Hollyoaks.

Now for some speculation. First, we have no confirmation that Sanaa Hamri is returning as a director for season three; given that directors are frequently inaccurate on actor CVs, take it with a grain of salt. Second, Instagram posts place Kerr in Prague for around a month during May to June 2023, although it’s possible he was there outside that timeframe.

But possibly the biggest question is: Galad Trakand? As book readers know, Galad’s last name in the books is Damodred, not Trakand. He is the son of Taringail Damodred and Tigraine Mantear, making him half-brother to Gawyn and Elayne Trakand (through his father) as well as Rand al’Thor (through his mother). It’s possible this name is a mistake on his CV, as it wouldn’t be the first time an agency has misspelled a name or put an audition code name on a CV. It’s also possible the production decided to change Galad’s parentage, or had him take Morgase’s name instead of keeping his father’s.

And just to add a little more confusion into the mix: Last year, we reported on an audition tape for what appeared to be the role of Gawyn, and speculated it was for a season two casting since the audition tape was originally uploaded in mid-2021. Does this mean Gawyn will be introduced a season before his half-brother? Or was his character rewritten to appear in season three?

Luckily, we’ll find out in a few short months when season two is completely aired.

Aes Sedai Turned Damane

We previously reported that Nyokabi Gethaiga will appear in seasons two and three in an unknown role. Her CV has been updated to show the role of Ryma. Ryma is a Yellow Aes Sedai who is captured by the Seanchan offscreen in The Great Hunt, turned into a damane, and renamed Pura.

Gethaiga is an award-winning Kenyan actress most known for her starring role in the film Kati Kati, as well as roles in Going Bongo, and I am Slave.

Season Two Trailer and Beyond

In case you somehow missed it, watch the season two trailer here.


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