As we previously reported, the third season of The Wheel of Time has been filming in the Czech Republic since April 17, 2023. After a 3-4 week pre-scheduled break in August, production continued in the Czech Republic in September, and now it appears that filming is currently taking place in Slovenia.

Director  Marta Cunningham was previously seen scouting in Slovenia. This week, other crew members have also been seen in the country. While the set for the Two Rivers village is located near Prague, locations in Slovenia were used for some of the picturesque outdoor locations of the Two Rivers seen in season one. Since we know some of the story for season three will be returning to the Two Rivers, we anticipate that the filming in Slovenia will be for that part of the story.

We currently do not know how long filming in Slovenia is scheduled to take place. However, filming in the Czech Republic is anticipated to wrap in late November 2023 (updated from October 2023 as previously reported).  In addition to the Czech Republic and Slovenia, the first season filmed in Croatia and Spain, and the second season filmed in Italy and Morocco.

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