WotSeries has recently uncovered an audition tape of a conversation between Couladin and another Aiel, likely a Wise One or a Clan Chief. The short scene seemed to draw from book four of The Wheel of Time, The Shadow Rising, Couladin’s claim that he had entered Rhuidean and returned as the prophesied Aiel Chief of Chiefs, or Car’a’carn.

The Dialog

Couladin: You would have us declare our allegiance to a wetlander.

Aiel: It is a prophecy foretold…

Couladin (interrupts): a prophecy, three thousand years old, translated from a dead language, passed down generations, from mouth to mouth, twisted, misinterpreted to fit around this imposter. Only you were fool enough to believe him.

But I know the truth. I have entered Rhiudean; I have seen our people’s past and our future.

Aiel: You’ve disobeyed the Wise Ones by entering Rhuidean without permission.

Couladin: Yes, without! Why not? He Who Comes with the Dawn brings change, does he not?

Aiel: you call yourself He Who Comes with the Dawn, then tell me, what did you see there?

Couladin: I will speak of it with no one. Not even you. But what I saw was holy. I am holy. I know the glory of our people’s past. The glory that I will bring back to us. I am Couladin of the Domai sept of the Shaido Aiel. I am He Who Comes with the Dawn. Now, bow before me.

The script above used code words of in-world names and locations. We did our best to replace them with what we thought to be The Wheel of Time references. For example, our use of “He Who Comes with the Dawn” could’ve been a reference to the “Car’a’carn” instead.

What the Script Tells Us

This script reveals that we will see Rhuidean in season 3, which Rafe Judkins recently confirmed during New York Comic Con. The script also tells us that we are also likely to meet Couladin, Aiel Wise Ones and Clan Chiefs. It also sets up the conflict between Rand and the Shaido Aiel. If this is late in season 3, then we might very well see events from Fires of Heaven once we reach season 4.


Similarities to the Books

It is important to note that this dialog is not necessarily final or guaranteed to appear in the show. Interestingly, it does draw lines from The Shadow Rising. Here are two excerpts from chapter 57, “A Breaking in the Three-fold Land“, of the Shadow Rising that make it to the dialog almost unchanged:

“You say you went to Rhuidean without the permission of the Wise Ones?” Han Demanded, frowning… Couladin had his answer, though. “Yes, without it! He Who Comes With the Dawn brings change…”

“Rhuidean,” he (Rand) said. The word seemed to fill the canyon. “You claim you went to Rhuidean, Couladin. What did you see there?”

“All know Rhuidean is not to be spoken of,” Couladin shot back.

“We can go apart,” Erim said, “and speak in private so you can tell us—“ The Shaido cut him off, face flushed angrily.

“I will speak of it with no one. Rhuidean is a holy place, and what I saw was holy. I am holy!”


Season three of The Wheel of Time has been filming since April of 2023 and is expected to wrap in early 2024. The release date is still unknown but we expect it no sooner than late 2024 or in 2025.


Editorial Note

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Featured Photo by Scott Ingram on Unsplash with an overlay of a script cover from The Wheel of Time.

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