According to Redanian Intelligence, actor Rebecca Root has been cast in season 3 of The Wheel of Time as Lelaine Akashi. Root is an award-winning actress best known for her roles in Boy Meets Girl and The Danish Girl. She is also a comedian, voice coach, and an advocate for LGBTQ rights and social acceptance.

(Warning! Potential spoilers for season 3 follow!)

We have confirmed that according to her CV, Root will be playing “Keeper of the Chronicles, Lelaine Akashi.” The director credited in her CV is Ciaran Donnelly, who we know will be directing episodes 301, 302, 307, and 308. Root filmed in Prague in late September 2023.

It is interesting that Lelaine has the role of Keeper of the Chronicles. The Keeper is second only to the Amyrlin Seat and that role is currently held in the show by Leane Sharif (Jennifer Cheon Garcia).

One plot that occurs in book four, The Shadow Rising, is the split of the White Tower. Post-split, Lelaine allies herself with the rebel Aes Sedai, however, in the books she is never made Keeper of the Chronicles for this group. This is an interesting detail that may hint at the changes coming in the adaptation. However, with how much the World of Dreams, prophecies, and alternate realities like Accepted tests come into play, it’s difficult to draw definitive conclusions.

Other New Season 3 Cast

In addition to Root, other known cast joining The Wheel of Time for season 3 are: Shohreh AghdashlooAnthony KayeCallum KerrLuke FetherstonOlumide OlorunfemiDiêm CamilleRob McLoughlin, Rina Mahoney, and recently reported Nuno Lopes, Tereza Dušková, and Raksha Hoost.  Currently, none of these castings have been announced officially by the production and should be considered unconfirmed until then.

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