The Wheel of Time has finished filming in the Czech Republic for season 3. While there is still further filming planned for the season in South Africa, this marks a significant milestone for the production, which started filming the season in the Czech Republic on April 17, 2023.

To celebrate, a wrap party was held this past Saturday for cast and crew. Cast member Priyanka Bose shared photos taken at the event and stated “We just wrapped Season 3, with this epic cast and crew.” Included in a now-deleted photo were actors Zoë Robins, Kae Alexander, Ayoola Smart, and Isabella Bucceri. Other photos featured Taylor Napier and showrunner Rafe Judkins.

Screenshot of an Instagram post by actor Priyanka Bose showing a photo of her with Taylor Napier and Rafe Judkins


Other actors have also shared on social media that they were leaving Prague. One such actor is Alexandre Willaume, who said “And that’s a wrap on Thom Merrilin for this time. ” The filming in the Czech Republic for season 3 likely focused on events in the Two Rivers and The White Tower as well as new locations such as Caemlyn and Tanchico.

Screenshot of an Instagram post by actor Alexandre Willaum with a caption about his character wrapping filming for season 3


It is currently unknown when filming will commence in South Africa, though “summer” was mentioned as a rough time frame by hair and makeup designer Davina Lamont on a social media post. (Note: As a reminder, it is currently spring in the Southern hemisphere.) Given Rafe Judkin’s mention of Rhuidean during NYCC (in addition to our reporting on Couladin’s audition), South Africa will likely be home to filming scenes involving the Aiel.

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