We have long known that season 3 of The Wheel of Time on Prime Video will largely cover the story from book 4, The Shadow Rising. Among the storylines in the fourth book is a return to the Two Rivers for some of our characters. We recently discovered audition videos that offer more hints at how the show will be adapting this plot and have transcribed the auditions below. While audition tapes may not be indicative of the final dialogue that will appear on the show, please only read on if you don’t mind possible spoilers!

Character 1: Wil al’Seen?

This first audition is for a character whose name begins with a W, and the scene is between him and a character we believe is Perrin based on the conversation. Wil al’Seen is our guess for who this character might be, as the character is one of the first to join Perrin in setting the captive women free in the books. However, there are a number of other possibilities including Wil al’Caar, Wit al’Seen, and Win Lewin.

Additionally, we can speculate that this character might be portrayed by Iman Marson or Ian Atwiine, actors we believe were involved in the filming of the Two Rivers scenes for season 3.

Wil?: (sharpening a sword)
Perrin: Do you know how to use that?
Wil?: Well, it can’t be much different to an axe, can it? See, the way I see it is, if you can’t protect yourself, then who’s going to be able to protect you? Is it true? What people say about you? Did you really kill Whitecloaks at the Battle of Falme?
Perrin: Just a couple. I’m not proud of it.
Wil?: No wonder they’re after you. So what do we do?  The Whitecloaks have the girls. We can’t just do nothing. Can we?
Perrin: Come with me. Bring the sword.
Wil?: Then it’s going to need to be sharp.

Character 2: Cenn Buie?

This second audition is for a character whose name begins with a C, and we believe the scene is also with Perrin. The cantankerous nature of the character, the positive attitude towards Whitecloaks, and the mention of the Village Council is reminiscent of Cenn Buie. Cenn is a thatcher in the books and not a farmer, so it’s possible that Cenn’s vocation changed in the adaptation or this is a different character. Other possibilites include members of the Coplin or Congar families.

You might recall that when the casting for David Sterne was discovered, his role was that of Cenn Buie. However, his character was renamed to “annoying old man” in the final product, leaving Cenn Buie available for an appearance.

Cenn?: You’re in my way, boy
Perrin: Where are you going?
Cenn?: The Whitecloaks say we should return to our farms, so that’s just what we’re going to do. Council’s decided.
Perrin: You can’t go back. Forget the farm.
Cenn?: Forget the farm? Are you mad? I don’t know how we’ll get the harvest in as it is. Who’s going to reap my crops, boy? You? If I don’t go back, my crops die. If my crops die, we all go hungry.
Perrin: Better hungry than dead.
Cenn?: Stop trying to scare everyone. The Whitecloaks will protect us. They’re men of honor. They’ve helped us more than anyone else. Certainly more than you. Now, move out of my way.

For both audition scenes, we have substituted code names with the Wheel of Time names and terms we believe they represent.


Though scant, the information we can glean from these scenes tells us that we are likely to get the core ingredients to the Two Rivers storyline: trollocs, Whitecloaks (who are promising the villagers protection from the trollocs), and villagers being taken prisoners by the Whitecloaks. We know from a previously discovered audition that Lord Luc is set to appear in season 3 as well. The Battle of the Two Rivers is a fan favorite storyline, and it’s exciting to see the pieces for that storyline coming together.

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