WotSeries has recently uncovered an audition tape of a conversation between someone we believe is Sammael and an unknown character. As with all auditions, code names were used for the sake of secrecy. We’ve replaced the code name with “Sammael” for clarity, but keep in mind that this is still an educated guess on our part.

Audition Scene:

Unknown: Where is it?
Sammael: Five seconds. You can’t even wait five seconds for an answer. It’s disappointing.
Unknown: I agree. I’d read you were one of the greatest generals of your age. I’m surprised I was able to capture you so easily.
Sammael: I wasn’t the greatest general. I was a visionary, a pioneer, a conqueror. In my time, there were no armies. Hadn’t been for centuries. Knives were used for cooking, not killing. And as for military tactics, they’d all been long forgotten. I discovered the art of war. Me. I taught my people to be soldiers. I taught those soldiers to form armies. And I taught those armies to follow me.
Unknown: Well, they’re not here now, are they?
Sammael: They’re not. It’s just you and me
Unknown: I’m not afraid of you, Sammael. And you’ll answer my question eventually. Where is it? It’s all right. I can wait.
Sammael: That’s the thing, though, isn’t it. You can’t. Your weaves hold me here. You can’t move from that spot. Can’t eat. Or breathe. Or sleep. Or shit. You can’t do any of the things you mortals have to do to stay alive. I’m not your prisoner. You’re mine. And if there’s one thing I’ve gotten rather good at these last 3000 years, it’s waiting. (laughs)

(Edit, 1/24/24: The word “magic” was replaced with the likely Wheel of Time equivalent, “weaves.”)

What the Script Tells Us

Sammael was name-dropped in episode 8 of season 2, and it appears the Forsaken may be making his on-screen debut during season 3 (though this is by no means guaranteed). In this scene, he appears to be shielded by a channeler of the current age, though it’s hard to determine who exactly that channeler might be.

Beyond that, it doesn’t reveal much in the way of potential plot, though it does offer a peek into how the Forsaken sees himself and his history.

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