As the show recently wrapped production on season 3 in the Czech Republic, we continue to see puzzle pieces come together for one of the likely central stories of season 3: the Battle of the Two Rivers. We have previously reported Lord Luc in the upcoming season, and there’s evidence of Tuatha’an returning for season 3 after being absent from season 2. We have also reported recently on two audition scripts likely introducing Cenn Buie and Wil al’Seen. We can now report on the casting of yet another Two Rivers character: actor Paul Maynard will be playing Jac al’Seen, according to his CV. Paul is a British actor residing in Prague who’s mostly portrayed smaller or supporting characters in Czech-based productions such as Extraction II, Carnival Row, and Dangerous Liaisons.

Jac al’Seen

Jac is a Two Rivers farmer whose encounter with Perrin kicks off a chain of events where Perrin’s ta’veren nature helps him shepherd farmers to move with their families to the village, in opposition to the advice of Lord Luc. The actor’s CV lists Thomas Napper as director, placing the character in episode 3 or 4 (or both) of season 3, although it is not uncommon for a role credit to not list all directors with accuracy.

We suspect that the audition scene for a farmer discussing Lord Luc with Perrin was actually for the role of Jac al’Seen.


Aside from the casting news, there is further evidence that Perrin’s Two Rivers arc will be a focus of season 3. Episode 7 of the third season will be titled “Goldeneyes,” according to an entry on the Writers Guild of America West’s website. The episode was written by Dave Hill, who wrote 104 and 204, “The Dragon Reborn” and “Daughter of the Night” respectively. This episode is in the last block of two episodes, which Ciaran Donnelly will direct. We have previously reported that episode one of season three will be titled “To Race the Shadow“.


In other casting updates, actor Emmanuel Imani, who played Ihvon, one of Alanna’s two warders in the first two seasons, has recently moved to a new talent agency. His new CV credits him with three seasons for The Wheel of Time. Due to other projects Imani has been working on, we had suspected that he might not return. It is unclear if Imani will return, but the CV update suggests he might be part of season 3. WotSeries reached out to Imani’s new talent agent but has yet to hear back as of the publishing of this post.

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