We last reported that The Wheel of Time had resumed filming for season three in South Africa.  After more than five weeks of filming across various locations, we’ve now seen multiple posts from crew currently filming in the Northern Cape region that indicates that principal photography for season three is complete. The final day was a night shoot on Tuesday, March 19th. As of the time of this posting, an official announcement has not been made regarding the season completing filming.

South Africa Filming

Filming in South Africa took place primarily in locations near and around Cape Town. This includes Cape Town Film Studios, mountains in the Western Cape region, the Atlantis Dunes, the Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument, and in the Northern Cape, near Vioolsdrif.

Filming was done for scenes taking place in Tanchico and also locations in and near the Aiel Waste. Aiel tents were scene in various locations, and at Cape Town Film Studios, production filmed on a set that looked like a living area built into rocky terrain.

Cast in South Africa

We previously reported that the following actors were either spotted in Cape Town or previously mentioned to have Cape Town filming in their schedule: Rosamund Pike (Moiraine), Daniel Henney (Lan), Madeleine Madden (Egwene), and Ayoola Smart (Aviendha). Since then, the following cast have also been seen in South Africa: Josha Stradowski (Rand), Marcus Rutherford (Perrin), Zoë Robins (Nynaeve), Ceara Coveney (Elayne), Natasha O’Keeffe (Lanfear), Katie Brayben (Latra Posae), and Tereza Dušková (Maigran). Stunt actor Magdalena Sittova (Shaiel) was also a part of the stunt team that traveled to South Africa for filming.

Alexander Karim (Lews Therin) was also in Cape Town for filming, however, it’s possible it was for another project filming in the area as he arrived at the end of February and stated he would be in Cape Town for a month. He also shared pictures of him sporting a mustache on March 9th, presumably for whatever role he was filming at the time.

Suspected Cast

Headshots of Ferdinand McKay, Kiren Kebaili-Dwyer, Diana Dulinková, and Natasha Culzac

(L-R) Ferdinand McKay, Kiren Kebaili-Dwyer, Diana Dulinkova, and Natasha CulzacWe also have our suspicions of four actors who we believe are part of season three.

Three of those actors were seen with Dušková while in Cape Town: Ferdinand McKay, Kiren Kebaili-Dwyer, and Diana Dulinková. We are speculating that these actors will also be appearing in season 3. Because they were likely filming with Dušková, we are guessing that their roles are of other individuals Rand may see during his journey through Rhuidean.

Another actor seen in South Africa that we suspect will appear in season 3 is Natasha Culzac. The 6 foot 1 inch (1.85 m) actor can most recently be seen in the second season of Paramount’s Halo series, but her height and naturally red hair would fit in well amongst the Aiel. She arrived in South Africa at the beginning February, around the time other cast and crew for The Wheel of Time were also arriving in the country.

This is, of course, just speculation on our part. Cape Town is home to a busy film industry, and it’s possible the previously mentioned actors were working on another project in the area.

Perrin & Mat?

Finally, some notes on actors Marcus Rutherford and Dónal Finn (Mat). While Rutherford was in Cape Town, he appeared clean-shaven, a look we haven’t seen on him yet in the show. Additionally, the relevant storylines we think were filmed in South Africa don’t include Perrin. At this time, we can’t say with certainly whether his presence in South Africa indicates he was filming for sure, or if he was just on holiday. Finn, on the other hand, has been busy in his role of Orpheus in Hadestown. However, after press night on February 21st, the understudy for Orpheus, Simon Oskarsson, took over the role from the 22nd through the 24th. So while he hasn’t been spotted in South Africa, it’s possible that during this time, Finn was able to film scenes needed for The Wheel of Time.

Season Three Release Date & Future Seasons

Season two was released more than a year after filming wrapped, so it’s probably safe to assume that we will not be seeing season three on our screens until at least 2025. While it’s frustrating for fans to endure long waits between seasons, it’s become increasingly more common for television shows requiring extensive post-production work to have gaps of 18 months or longer.

As for a greenlight for season four, we may have to wait a few more months before we get any news. The announcement that The Wheel of Time was greenlit for season three didn’t come until 3 months after season two was done with filming and 7 months after season one finished airing. We are currently just past five months since season two finished airing. Fingers crossed that we hear some news in the coming months!

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