According to recent additions to the WGA website, we have the titles for episodes 2 and 8 of season 3:

Both titles are drawn from chapter titles in the book series. “He Who Comes with the Dawn” is chapter 34 in The Shadow Rising, while “A Question of Crimson” is chapter 33 in The Fires of Heaven. We’ve previously reported on the title of episode 307, Goldeneyes, which will likely wrap up Perrin’s storyline in the Battle of the Two Rivers. If the third act of Rand’s journey ends with him being revealed as the Aiel’s prophesied chief of chiefs, then there is no more fitting title than “He Who Comes with the Dawn” to end the season.

The following is the known information on all 4 episodes from season 3:

# Title Credit
301 To Race the Shadow Justine Juel Gillmer
302 A Question of Crimson Katherine B. McKenna
307 Goldeneyes Dave Hill
308 He Who Comes With the Dawn Justine Juel Gillmer

This would be the first time showrunner Rafe Judkins did not write the season finale.

Please note that even though “He Who Comes with the Dawn” is almost certainly the finale, there’s a slight chance that it maps to episode 302 (the episode numbers and titles appear on different sides of the WGA website)


Shooting Days

Filming DaysMake-up, Hair, and Prosthetics Designer Davina Lamont recently revealed on Instagram that the show had 176 shooting days. Here’s the info for all three seasons:

  • Season 1: 145 days
  • Season 2: 156 days
  • Season 3: 176 days

Season 3 taking longer to film comes as no surprise, given the number of plot lines it will cover: Perrin and Faile in The Two Rivers, The White Tower Coup, Rand, Egwene, Moiraine and Lan in The Aiel Waste, and Nynaeve and Elayne in Tanchico.

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