Wikis, Encyclopedias and Other WoT Sites

  • WoT Interviews and Promos 2023: An ever-growing collection of commentary from cast and crew about season 2 and beyond. It can be filtered by topic, speaker, source, etc…
  • Wheel of Time TV Series Facebook Group: This is our own group on Facebook, a community of 11k+ fans of the Wheel of Time. The group is not spoiler-free, so proceed with caution if you’re still reading the series.
  • Theoryland: One of my favorites that covers all WoT-related topics and theories, providing author(s) answers and feedback on such topics.
  • Wheel of Time Quotes: a collection of quotes from The Wheel of Time series. (disclosure: this site is also run by us).
  • Mat Cauthon Quotes: Just what it says (disclosure: this site is also run by us).
  • A Wheel of Time Wiki (on Wikia): It’s a wiki; it should have everything and pretty much does.
  • Dragonmount: One of the earliest online communities dedicated to the Wheel of Time series. Robert Jordan himself used to frequent the site before his untimely passing.
  • Encyclopedia WoT: An excellent resource for a chapter-by-chapter summary, information, and points of interest.
  • Reddit WoT: It’s Wheel of Time on Reddit. It’s also spoiler-controlled, so you’re safe there if you’re still reading the series.
  • (The White Tower): yet another great online community.
  • The Wheel of Time Reread for Tor Books is a cool book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter summary, and commentary by the awesome and snarky Leigh Butler. We recommend re-reading on your own and reading this blog in parallel for excellent commentary and a very interesting perspective.

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