Our friend Jon at WoT Up! recently learned that Tamila Sparrow has a small part in The Wheel of Time as a tinker. As Jon reveals in his latest video, she recorded with Madeleine Madden, Marcus Rutherford, and Daryl McCormack for about a week in December 2019. One scene she recorded included a dance, and she reveals that she wore her hair in dreadlocks for the role.

Tamila Sparrow, or Tamila Khodjaeva, is a model, emcee, and actress from Uzbekistan. She moved to Prague to earn her Master’s degree and also to pursue her dreams. She’s currently Miss Planet Czech Republic for 2020-2021.

What does this information reveal to us? Most interestingly, it appears the tiganza will make its way to our screens. The tiganza is a dance done by the Tuatha’an woman while Perrin and Egwene travel with them during The Eye of the World.

Also, if you recall, there was a casting call put out for extras with dreads for about 5 days of filming back in December of 2019. It was previously speculated that these extras might be for scenes with tinkers, and a previously uncovered image of another extra seemed to back that up. You can see the image in Jon’s video and small braids or dreadlocks seem to be visible in the extra’s hair. This new information from Jon adds more evidence that at least some tinkers in the show will be sporting dreadlocks.

What do you think about this information? What about the tinkers are you looking forward to seeing on screen?

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