All good things must come to an end. Some highlights from the last day of JordanCon 2021:

  • Maria Simons graciously answered as many questions as she could on the Unanswered Questions panel. Spoiler: many questions are still, in fact, unanswered.
  • Brian, Nae’blis, and Jess recorded a live episode of Tar Valon After Dark, and much hilarity ensued. Check out their podcast for Wheel of Time debauchery and general irreverence. Today’s episode even had a brief appearance by yours truly (see below)!

  • The perennial fan favorite Looney Theories panel was a highlight of the weekend. If you ever wanted to know fascinating theories such as Nynaeve is the half-Ogier prophesied chosen one, Nakomi is secretly Verin’s twin sister, the Emond’s Field Five are the Scooby Gang reincarnated, and Tel’aran’rhiod is actually a soap opera alternate reality…well, just go watch the recording here. You’re welcome.
  • Speaking of panels, we made sure to reserve Rafe a spot for 2022.

And a few more highlights from the closing ceremonies:

  • There were 504 attendees to JordanCon 2021. At least 20% were first timers.
  • Every year JordanCon raises money for the Mayo Clinic Amyloidosis Research Fund in honor of the late Robert Jordan. This year, we raised a total of $15,858.88.
  • 118 volunteers contributed a total of 1,195 hours over the weekend.

This was both Omar and I (Sara)’s first JordanCon. While the pandemic threw a wrench into the normal programming and events, and we couldn’t attend as many panels as we’d originally planned, we were still able to meet so many incredible people. Whether we were finally meeting long-time internet friends face-to-face, spending hours chatting with brand new friends, or joining in a live podcast or Youtube recording…there was always a wonderful feeling of family and camaraderie. People return to JordanCon year after year, and now we understand why.

The ever popular “CouchCon,” which often lasted into the wee hours of the morning

Huge thanks to the JordanCon staff and volunteers who organized this event. Until next year, Tai’shar JordanCon.

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