WoTSeries has uncovered two audition scripts (known in the industry as “sides”) for what appears to be Season 3 of The Wheel of Time. This article will contain minor spoilers for The Shadow Rising.

Side 1:

This was an audition for a female Aiel character.

Aiel: Keep up, wetlander. We’re nearing water.
Person 2: What happened?
Aiel: A fight with the Shaido clan over the spring, judging by the wounds. Many have awoken from the dream in this place.
Person 2: We should bury them.
Aiel: They’re not worth the time. Or the stones. It’s their own fault they’re dead, and if those who killed are near, even more reason to get moving.
Person 2:  I thought the Aiel were supposed to respect their dead.
Aiel: They are not Aiel. And I am respecting them. The Tuatha’an run from battle, refuse to defend themselves or those they love. They chose to die for their Way of the Leaf, and if we don’t move now, we may end up rotting there beside them. My power is strong, but even I cannot take on the full force of the Shaido.

Due to the mention of “my power”, the Aiel character appears to be a Wise One. The wetlander is probably one of the Two Rivers gang–Rand, Mat, or Egwene–considering those three travel extensively with the Aiel in The Shadow Rising. This scene may be one of the first mentions of the Shaido in the television series, and it sounds like they’re being set up as villainous right from the start.

Side 2:

While we weren’t able to get the complete scene transcribed, we’ve pieced together a summary:

This scene takes place between a Two Rivers farmer and Perrin, who are talking late at night. The farmer says he needs to return to his farm because Lord Luc has instructed them to do so. They have an argument over whether this is reasonable, as Perrin believes Lord Luc isn’t to be trusted since he’s an outsider and could just abandon them at any time. The farmer retorts that while things are different now, at least they have protection. He’s frustrated at being ordered around by Perrin, who he’s known since birth. He reminds Perrin that they’re farmers, not fighters, which he’d remember if he hadn’t been gone for so long.

While incomplete, this scene still provides several key pieces of information. Perrin will indeed return to the Two Rivers in season 3, and struggle with the uncomfortable leadership role he’s now thrust into. The inclusion of Lord Luc is a somewhat surprising detail, considering fans have long speculated that the Luc/Slayer plotline could be an easy cut for the television show. The farmer character could be a number of Two Rivers characters who end up following Perrin instead of Lord Luc and defending Emond’s Field against the Trolloc attack rather than staying at their farm.

The Shadow Rising is widely regarded as one of the best books in the entire series, so these script snippets make us even more excited to see how it’s adapted for television. What do you think about these audition scenes? Let us know!

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