We have previously reported that Ciaran Donnelly (Altered Carbon, Vikings) will direct the season 1 finale of Amazon’s adaptation of The Wheel of Time. With the directors for the first 6 episodes known, that left episode number 7, at least until yesterday.

Wotseris.com (that’s us) asked Ciaran Donnelly on Twitter if he is directing episodes 7 and 8 or just 8, and we received an answer:



The question was in response to Mr Donnelly expressing his pleasure at directing the show’s finale as he retweeted some of casting announcements put out by the production’s official account on Twitter

Season 1 Directors

  • Episode 1, Leavetaking: Uta Briesewitz
  • Episode 2, Shadow’s Waiting: Uta Briesewitz
  • Episode 3, A Place of Safety: Wayne Yip
  • Episode 4, The Dragon Reborn: Wayne Yip
  • Episode 5, Blood Calls Blood: Salli Richardson-Whitfield
  • Episode 6, The Flame of Tar Valon: Salli Richardson-Whitfield
  • Episode 7: Ciaran Donnelly
  • Episode 8: Ciaran Donnelly


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