Thank you Robert Jordan.

The Wheel of Time adaptation started filming exactly one year ago on September 16th, 2019. That also happened to be the anniversary of Robert Jordan‘s passing. The production had commemorated the occasion by posting a video featuring show runner Rafe Judkins declaring that day as the “first day of principal photography”.


Hey everyone. Today is our first day of principal photography on the Wheel of Time television series and for all of us it’s a little bit emotional because it is also quite coincidentally the 12th anniversary of the author Robert Jordan’s passing. So as much as I’m excited about this new endeavor that we’re all embarking on I am also quite humbled and honored to remember the man who began all of this. Tai’shar Rigney.


Not Really a Year of Filming

It is important to note the production suspended filming in March of 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On September 7th of 2020, Amazon restarted filming to complete the last two episodes of season 1. Had it not been for the pandemic, it is very likely that season 2 filming would have been underway.

Filming for season 1 is expected to run through December of this year.



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