Here’s our round up for the week:

  • In Memoriam: James Oliver Rigney Jr., known to us all as Robert Jordan, The Creator, passed on September 16th 13 years ago.
  • Production: We only had the 15th of September as a confirmed date for a shoot. Of course filming continues on most other days, we are just not able to confirm with sourced information. Rosamund Pike who’s moved to Prague for the show did post on Instagram about her return from vacation in Italy. She’s ready for Moiraine to “get back in the saddle“.
  • Block 3: GeekyEri dropped the much anticipated video breaking down Block 3 of WotOnPrime Season 1 (episodes 5 and 6). From filming locations, to cast, to shooting dates, everything you need to know about Block 3 is here.
  • Casting: No new casting announcements for the week.
  • #WotWednesday Happenings: #WotWednesday came and went without any updates from the WotOnPrime’s official twitter account. However, show consultant Sarah Nakamura did post a shoutout to showrunner Rafe Judkins on the one-year anniversary of filming start

  • Content Creators: Reading the Pattern posted a great tribute video. Weekly Wheel News has your weekly fix here. LezbiNerdy talks Egwene (we stan!). The Dusty Wheel commemorated RJ with a short video. Artist Adrian Sallusti has some amazing WoT artwork including the Queen’s Blessing, the Al’Thor Residence, Tinker Wagons, Moiraine Sedai and much more.Also, do not forget to tune into The Dusty Wheel at 4PM Eastern for a live discussion breaking down S1 leaks, news and speculation.


The week weaves as the Wheel wills. See you next week.



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