Back in October, we revealed that three actors — Sandra Yi Sencindiver, Thomas Chaanhing, and Amer Chadha-Patel — had just finished filming their roles for the upcoming Wheel of Time adaptation. At the time, we did not know any of the roles the actors would be playing, but we’re excited to be able to announce Amer Chadha-Patel’s role.

Thanks to a recent update to his CV, we now know that Amer has been cast in the role of Ingtar Shinowa.

Screen capture of Amer Chadha Patel's CV, including "2021, Television, Ingtar Shinowa, The Wheel Of Time, Amazon, Various"

Ingtar is first introduced in chapter 46 of the first book in the series, The Eye of the World, and is featured prominently in the second book, The Great Hunt.

What are your thoughts on the revelation that Amer will be playing Ingtar? Did anyone guess his role correctly?

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