We’re not saying it was a wedding anniversary present, but it was a wedding anniversary gift from WotOnPrime to @WoTUp5 and a fantastic one at that. “Something [Redacted]” (“borrowed”, maybe?). Mat’s Dagger. With a bloody ruby. And Mat’s voice. Check it out, then check out ten interesting takeaways.

1) What Episode?

The tweet from WotOnPrime said “where the shadow waits”. This sounds a lot like it’s from episode two. Remember when showrunner Rafe Judkins revealed the title for the second episode of season 1:

2) Shadar Logoth?

Let’s do the maths on this: dark setting + rubble + dim light through a window + Mat + dagger = Aridhol! This also supports that it is more likely that we see Mordeth, which would be a very welcome inclusion.

3) Location. Location. Location.

A Cauthon coin on this being the Church in Výsluní where the production filmed for a single day in late October of 2019.

Kostel svatého Václava ve Výsluní

Hadonos, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

4) Bandages?

Notice how only Mat’s right hand is bandaged? Now combine this with the leaked photo from Mat and Rand, where Mat’s hand seemed to be bloody. Half our writers think these are bandages, the other half see it as part of his clothing. What do you think?

Two photos together: one of Mat's bloody hand from a leaked photo, the other a still from the dagger teaser video showing the right hand partially covered in cloth

5) First Official Live Action Footage

We’ve seen official photos, videos of still photos with zoom and other effects, main character dialog against a reverse Aes Sedai animation, and how-it’s-built teasers, but never before a live action shot from the show itself. Which makes this one very, very special.

6) Why Move the Ruby?

The book dagger had the ruby at the bottom of the pommel to the top part of the grip? Dragonmount tweeted a very good thread on this:

7) Professional Help

We have reason to believe that creative outfit Refinery Creative had a hand in producing, editing or mastering this teaser, as they’ve posted on a couple of their social accounts.

8) The Box

Everyone is talking about the dagger, but did you see that box? The level of detail and craftsmanship that seems to have gone into making it deserves its own teaser. We really love this box. Rand would disagree, obviously.

Dagger Box from the dagger teaser video released by Wot On Prime

9) Of Serpents and Dragons

The teaser video shows a mysterious figure as it fades to black. The fandom seems to be split between Dragon and Serpent. The Dusty Wheel isolated the frame and applied filters to make it more visible. What do you think it is?

10) Community Voice

We reserve #10 to highlighting what the content creators in our community had to say about the video, and as always, they brought it:

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