Our good friend Jon over at WoT Up broke some big news yesterday. Check out his video below. If you don’t follow WoT Up already, stop reading right now and go click the subscribe button. I’ll wait.

We’ve had our eye on Guy Roberts ever since we spotted him hanging out with Thomas Chaanhing, Sandra Sencindiver, and Amer Chadha-Patel in Prague last fall, but never found any conclusive evidence linking him to the Wheel of Time show. However, Jon at WoT Up reached out to one of his sources in the production, who confirmed Guy has been cast for a recurring role. This is exciting news. Guy Roberts is an award-winning theatre actor, producer, and director who has been based in Prague for a number of years. He founded the Prague Shakespeare Company and currently serves as its artistic director. He has also had a handful of roles in television and film, including the upcoming film Medieval.

Now, to join in on the speculation. Since Guy lives in Prague, it’s hard to definitively pinpoint when he was first on set, but it seems that Guy’s first appearance is in Block 4. He frequently socialized with other Block 4 actors, including Amer Chadha-Patel (who we now know is playing Ingtar), and interacted with several social media posts related to the character Uno. Could Guy be playing our favorite foul-mouthed, one-eyed Shienaran? Personally, my Tar Valon marks are on Uno, but Masema is another option being tossed around in the Wotseries writers’ room.

What do you think? Let us know if you agree this is Uno, or if we’re totally off base and Guy will actually be playing the Creator. Or is Guy just Jon from WoT Up’s long lost twin? The resemblance is uncanny…

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