Rafe Judkins offered to answer 10 questions about Moiraine following the WotOnPrime Moiraine reveal video


Where’s her jewel?
I can confirm here officially that the kesiera will appear in the show. I can also confirm I correctly spelled kesiera on my first try, but I did google it to double-check.



I know what I’m excited about, but what is our Great Lord Rafe most excited about?
I’m not sure if you’re low key calling me out as a Darkfriend, but either way, I think the moment Moiraine first walks into the Winespring Inn was the moment that really made me feel that true fan part of me make unintelligible sounds



What direction Rosemund given about the facial expressions and body movements that she would use when channeling? Is this something that is universal through channelers or are body movements more organic for each channeler
I really wanted the channeling to come from the women themselves, and have them really believe it. So Rosamund was instrumental in building the look of it for herself, and each woman has built something out of what makes sense for her and her character, so it gives something authentic to it. The most important thing is that when you look in the actors eyes you know they believe they have the power of the earth itself at their fingertips. And I promise you — Rosamund does.



Is the audio disconnected from the scene of Moiraine? 😉
yes, Rosamund actually recorded this audio for this teaser specifically, so you won’t hear this exact audio in the show



Any lgbt rep in the show? 👀
there’s rep in the books and the show! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️



What’s for lunch tomorrow?
I try not to plan my lunch in advance. It’s something I’m quite serious about. What is the charm in life if you know what you will eat for lunch tomorrow? I bet it will be schnitzel or pork knee though 😉



What all goes into the process of deciding which clips to use for these promo clips?
we’ve got an amazing team at Amazon who do all that, thanks @wotonprime !



That doesn’t look “ageless”. Is this something that is being “reworked”?


VFX that require you to touch every frame that a character appears on screen are not great uses of money. So don’t expect to see CGI faces for all Aes Sedai


When did was the decision made for the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue theme made? From the start or happy accident?
wafo. Oh wait, maybe that doesn’t work here…



Q&A with Cast and Crew:

priyankabose20 (Alanna Mosvani)
What’s makes moirain , moirain?
what a great question, Priyanka. I would say above all else Moiraine is a woman who is driven to do what she believes is right, at any cost.



joshastradowski (Rand al’Thor)
Can you tell her I’m on my way?
tell her yourself
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