The agency bio of actor Evelyn Mok revealed that she has a Wheel of Time acting credit. Evelyn is a Swedish stand-up comedian who’s been living and working in London since 2012. She is the co-host of comedy podcast Rice to Meet You with comedian Nigel Ng.

We were unable to find any further information on the role Evelyn plays. However, based on published dates of live shows, as well as mention of filming in Prague as reason for missing a podcast episode, we can deduce that she was in Prague between January 28th and February 6th of 2020. This would suggest that Evelyn is in block 3, playing what is likely to be a small role.

Screen capture of Evelyn Mok agency bio

Screen capture of Evelyn Mok’s agency bio, taken on March 28th 2021 (contact information has been removed. Highlights added) reached out to Evelyn’s agency but we have yet to receive a response.


Evelyn’s online presence:



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