Showrunner Rafe Judkins offered to answer five questions after Entertainment Weekly shared their exclusive first look at The Wheel of Time, which included the first in-costume photos of the main cast. Below are the questions and answers from Twitter:


@MKGenest: Rafe, who’s Idea was it to have Mat have a beard?
Rafe Judkins: We aged up the Emond’s Field Five from the books because sometimes TV shows with a bunch of 17 year olds as leads feel more like YA and Wheel of Time isn’t YA

@VinyciuzM: OMG EVERYTHING LOOKS PERFECT! How are you feeling @rafejudkins? Feels good to see the fandom freaking out on a Wednesday?
Rafe Judkins: It’s so nice! I’m glad people are liking what’s out there. The more #TwitterOfTime can get people excited and engaging with these things the better it is for the show and the more people will get welcomed to this weird world 🙂


@vegetattack: Will The World of Dreams be in the show?
Rafe Judkins: How could you do the show without it?


@Dometellia: who is always late to set?
Rafe Judkins: Uh oh! Wish I hadn’t randomly selected this one ha. Let me see. Maybe I’ll just keep typing until I run out of characters and then it’ll just be like whoops I couldn’t really answer your question. Of course I WISH I COULD but it’s just so tough with the character limit on Twi…


@adurna0: can we expect to see any of the Forsaken in s1?
Rafe Judkins: It depends on how much you know about the Forsaken


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