In a special segment filmed by The Wheel of Time production played during the cast/crew Q&A panel at JordanCon, Rafe Judkins announced that Ayoola Smart will play the role of Aviendha in The Wheel of Time. We previously speculated that Smart was cast in the show, but we’re thrilled to have official confirmation.

Ayoola Smart is an Irish actress who has appeared as a series regular on Killing Eve and Smother. She recently wrapped production on the feature film Cocaine Bear in October of 2021. Her CV has indicated she is filming a “series regular” role for an undisclosed production, which now know is The Wheel of Time.

Smart has been spotted during filming in Ouarzazate and Essaouira. During his part of the Q&A, which Rafe filmed in Morocco, he also mentioned Smart was involved in an “iconic fight scene from the books” that was being rehearsed just off-screen.

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