The Wheel of Time is back for season 2, and with it, we have a brand new soundtrack to play on repeat. The first volume of the season 2 soundtrack has been released and is available for purchase and listening on your platform of choice!

The song “Egwene al’Vere” was released last week as a single. The full Volume 1 album contains the following tracks:

1. The Desert Warriors (3:23)
2. The Hailene (3:09)
3. Darkness and Shadows (3:59)
4. Liandrin Guirale (2:23)
5. Aviendha (2:15)
6. Mat Cauthon (3:15)
7. The Dragon’s Heart (2:41)
8. Egwene al’Vere (3:02)
9. Nynaeve al’Meara (3:10)
10. Last Light (3:19)
11. Coming Home (4:24)

Some of the talented composers, musicians, and singers that worked with composer Lorne Balfe on the second season’s soundtrack include (in alphabetical order) Joe Acres, Michael Bitton, Xantoné Blacq, Fraser Bowles, Niall Cash, Peter Cox, Kim Chandler, Taylor Leigh Eblen, Will Greig, Alfie Godfrey, JJ Hodari, Derek Hughes, Nikhil Koparkar, Abby Lyons, Taran Mitchell, Kiley Norton, Jon Ong, Rufio Sandilands, Alexander Sayers, Liya Shepard, Annie Shred, Natalia Tsupryk, and Aisha Vaughan. The lyrics were written in English by Michael Bitton and translated into the Old Tongue by Naomi Joy Todd.

Editorial Note

Season 2 of The Wheel of Time was released on September 1, 2023. The season will contain eight episodes in total written by Rafe JudkinsAmanda Kate ShumanJustine Juel Gillmer, Dave HillKatherine B McKennaRammy ParkJohn McCutcheonRohit Kumar, and Timothy Earle. is a news site by fans, for fans, and is not affiliated with any paid sponsors or brands. We stand in solidarity with SAG-AFTRA and the WGA and encourage donations to the Entertainment Community Fund to support those affected during the work stoppage.

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