WotSeries: Hello Ceara, nice to meet you.

Ceara Coveney: Hi, lovely to meet you. How are you?

WotSeries: Good good, thank you. First, congratulations on season two, and on a fantastic performance with Elayne.

Ceara: Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

WotSeries: Truly Yeah, so the first question in, in a previous interview before the season dropped, you had mentioned that you felt a connection to Elayne. And you said, I trust the fans would love her. Now that the season’s been on and we’ve all seen it. Have you been following fan reactions and reception to the character and to the season overall.

Ceara: I’ve seen little parts. Yeah, I have, I have seen little bits of, um, the fans’ reactions, which has been so lovely and really exciting to see.

WotSeries: Excellent. Our outlet is mostly fan-driven, and everybody’s just loved your performance so far. The character of Elayne has a lot of layers and nuance to it. I mean, there’s a lot going on. I just want to mention one example. There was one scene with Egwene when you said “jealousy doesn’t look on you” and it was really difficult to pull that off without being mean, being honest, and some sense of wisdom. So like the complexity of the character. Can you walk me through, how did you prepare for the character with materials and people? What did you rely on to prepare to deliver the character?

Ceara: I really read the books. I started with The Eye of the World before I had the scripts for season two. So I started there to really understand the world and fill the gaps and that’s the book in which you initially meet Elayne. So I really delved into the description there, because I always think when a character’s introduced, that’s where the real meat of the description is, and you really get that first impression. And then once I had the scripts, I started to read alongside with the books. And really, once I had the scene in the script, I would go to the books and I’d really dissect that moment and because Robert Jordan has so much description and detail that you can’t quite capture in, you know, a screenplay. So, it was amazing to go in and there was always an amazing quote from the books that would really encapsulate the scene and really help you understand how Elayne’s really feeling in that moment.

So that was a lot of what I did. Also, when I auditioned for Elayne, I didn’t know I was auditioning for The Wheel of Time or even for the character of Elayne. I had to really trust my instincts in terms of what I read on the page. So, to a certain extent, I had to trust that I really knew who this character was and I really understood what makes her tick and how she navigates situations. And so it’s a lot of research but also a lot of instincts went into creating the character of Elayne on screen.

WotSeries: Great. Thank you for that. And if your instincts, at least in part, got you there and the casting director and Rafe saw that in you, would you say there are characteristics that you actually share with Elayne that you bring to the character as well?

Ceara: Definitely. I really relate to her fierce loyalty. And it really takes her on a journey in season two. And I really related to that part of her you see in one of the earlier scenes in episode two where she refuses to give the name of the person who helped her. Because she doesn’t want them to get in trouble. That was one of my audition scenes and I remember really, really relating to that moment, and really kind of understanding what that was and what she was doing. So yeah, I would say I really relate to her loyalty.


Credit: Jan Thijs/Prime Video


WotSeries: How far along in the books are you?

Ceara: I wouldn’t want to say because I read up to where we are in the scripts, and I think that would give away too much.

WotSeries: Fair enough! In the books there are some leanings of which Ajah Elayne would choose. If you, Ceara, would have to choose an Ajah right now where you are in the series, which one would you choose?

Ceara: I, Ceara, or as Elayne?

WotSeries: Ceara.

Ceara: I think I would choose maybe yellows. I definitely have a really very nurturing side. And I think that would maybe make me lean towards the yellow Ajah.

WotSeries: From a viewer perspective. If you were going to tell us about The Wheel of Time as a TV series. What’s your favorite thing about the show? What makes it special?
Ceara: My favorite thing about the show is, although it’s a high fantasy, is that there’s so much that a viewer can relate to. And I think it really speaks to our everyday life. At the same time, I love the themes of light versus dark and how they balance each other and how it really blends the kind of lines between what makes someone a good person or a bad person and I really think that is an amazing theme and I really find it so interesting myself. I think the show explores it really well.

WotSeries: From behind the scenes and interviews, the cast of The Wheel of Time looks really tight. Can you give us some insight into how it’s like off-screen with your castmates and how that translates into the show?

Ceara: We really are a family. I know everyone says it but we really are, and we all get on so well. I think it really informs our relationships on screen as well.

It’s funny kind of hanging out as a group because I think everyone, in a small way, has certain traits about their character that they carry. Hanging out as a group, it almost feels like the group of characters are also kind of hanging out together. It’s just a really lovely dynamic and very supportive and also a lot of fun.

WotSeries: Thank you so much. It does come through. The season was great, we’re really excited to see you as Elayne. Congratulations, and looking forward to seeing you in season three. Thank you so much.

Ceara: Thank you so much, thank you for speaking with me. Thank you.


All eight episodes of season 2 are available now on Prime Video. Go binge!


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