A recent update to the WGA website revealed the supposed titles for all eight episodes of season 3 of The Wheel of Time. Two lists were updated: one listing episode numbers and their writers, and another that lists episode titles without their position in the season. It is important to note that these might not be the final episode titles. Some or all could be placeholders, although all titles listed on WGA for the first two seasons ended up being the eventual episode titles when the show aired.

Episode Numbers and Writers

Here are the episode titles (not in order)

Title Episode Title Year Date Pub on Web
The Wheel of Time To Race the Shadow 2023 10/21/2023
The Wheel of Time Goldeneyes 2024 2/3/2024
The Wheel of Time A Question of Crimson 2024 3/23/2024
The Wheel of Time He Who Comes With the Dawn 2024 3/23/2024
The Wheel of Time Seeds of Shadow 2024 4/6/2024
The Wheel of Time Tel’aran’rhiod 2024 4/6/2024
The Wheel of Time The Road to the Spear 2024 4/6/2024
The Wheel of Time The Shadow in the Night 2024 4/6/2024

Episode Writers

Episode Number Credit / Teleplay By Final Credits Likely Title
Episode 3-1 Justine Juel Gillmer 10/11/2023 To Race the Shadow
Episode 3-2 Katherine B. McKenna 03/22/2024
Episode 3-3 Beverly Okhio 04/03/2024
Episode 3-4 Rafe Lee Judkins 04/03/2024
Episode 3-5 Ajoke Ibironke 04/03/2024
Episode 3-6 Rammy Park 04/03/2024
Episode 3-7 Dave Hill 02/01/2024 Goldeneyes
Episode 3-8 Justine Juel Gillmer 03/22/2024

These titles are a good reminder of why The Shadow Rising, which will be the key focus of season 3, has always been a fan favorite. Ever since it was announced that The Wheel of Time would be adapted for television, I have looked forward to “The Road to the Spear.” Yes, we might not get to see it for another year or so, but all the same, I will eagerly await with excitement to see the history of the Aiel through Rand’s eyes.

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