WotSeries has uncovered likely audition scripts for the role of Elaida in season 3. There are two scenes, one in which Elaida is most likely talking to Leane Sharif, while in the other, she’s talking to Min Farshaw.

Scene 1

In this first scene, Elaida is requesting an audience with the Amyrlin seat. It isn’t known that she is, in fact, talking to Leane, but the Keeper of the Chronicles is the most likely person to be asked for a meeting with the Amyrlin. It is important to note that the script contained code words for common Wheel of Time names and phrases that we replaced with the presumed ones for clarity.

Elaida: I would like to request an audience with the Amyrlin Seat.

Leane: You’ve been gone for some time, Elaida. Allow me to explain how things work here now. Only Sitters may call a meeting with her. 

Elaida: It seems I have returned at a bad time for the Amyrlin, no? She seems to be dealing with quite the mess at the moment. A clever woman would see my value to help tidy things up. Perhaps that’s too much to expect. 

Leane: You forget yourself, Elaida 

Elaida: On the contrary. I know myself and my duty very well. I have come here in goodwill on behalf of the Queen of Andor to inquire after the wellbeing of her daughter. 

Leane: A letter would have sufficed.

Elaida: Perhaps, but the Queen hasn’t received any correspondence from the White Tower in months. I can only assume that the Amyrlin’s letters are getting lost. Tell her that the Queen would dearly love to know how her daughter is getting on. Assuming the Tower even knows where the girl is. Tell Siuan I shall be in my chambers.

Scene 2

The second scene features a conversation between Elaida and Min. This is especially interesting because it shows Min back in the White Tower in a realignment with her book story arc.

Elaida: If spying on me is your intent, I suggest you practice more. You’re the Seer, yes? Min, All the talent you possess and Siuan uses you like a dog sniffing after a rabbit. It can be lonely, knowing what’s to come, seeing the future writ large in front of your very eyes. I, too, shoulder that burden, but I suspect my visions and my prophecies are far less frequent than yours. How do you bear it, child? 

Min: Not well. I usually look away. 

Elaida: Oh, no. Painful as it may be, you must never avert your eyes. Visions in full are uncertain enough, but they are tools that we can use to bring about change. That is why it is called a gift. I had a vision once that the royal line of Andor would be key in the Last Battle, so I travelled there and helped put the prophecy in action for the Pattern. 

Min: I’m not a big fan of that level of responsibility 

Elaida: With great responsibility comes great power. Those who cannot see need us to see for them. And may I give you one last piece of advice, seer to seer? Never let anyone abuse your gift.



We have uncovered a number of audition scenes over the past few seasons, but even though previous audition scenes that made it into the final show were almost word for word, we want to emphasize that it’s not unusual for scenes to be created for the purpose of auditions. Therefore, the above scenes may not make it to the final show word for word or even at all.

That being said, the first scene sheds some light on the circumstances and motivations behind Elaida coming to the White Tower in season 3 and how some of Siuan’s actions over the previous seasons may be catching up to her.



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