In an April 2019 audition tape on popular creator video site, Vimeo, the dialog read by Irish actress,  Seána Kerslake, and an off-camera voice sheds light on  possible changes to how things will play out in the TV series adaptation of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time.

The video shows two parts: first is a conversation between Nynaeve and Lan. The second seems to be between Nynaeve and Moiraine. Part one starts with Nynaeve finding Lan and asking about her “friends”, or the Two Rivers crew. Moiraine seems to be hurt and Lan wants Nynaeve to help heal her since Moiraine is the only one who can find the kids. This possibly takes place after the split in Shadar Logoth, or some other event written in place of Shadar Logoth, maybe the crossing of a river.

Part two is probably earlier in the series when Moiraine is still in Emond’s Field. It’s a meeting between Nynaeve and Moiraine that we know happened off screen in the Eye of the World, but never got to see. Part of this conversation about Nynaeve being able to wield the one power took place, again, after Shadar Logoth when Nynaeve locates Lan and Moiraine.

In part one, we don’t know if Nynaeve finds Lan and Moiraine after the event that split up the group having been a part of the group initially, or if she finds them only after the split. In the series, Nynaeve finds the group in Baerlon then travels with them to Shadar Logoth. This dialog suggests a possibility where she finds them without having joined them first.

We’ve transcribed the video to the best of our ability and surrounded unintelligible text in [brackets]. The video is below, followed by the transcript.

In the clip names, concepts and places are altered to obscure the series:

  • “Nadie” is Nynaeve
  • “Mayela” or “Maryela” (couldn’t make it out exactly) is Moiraine
  • “The Dark” is the Dark One
  • “Shaman” is Wisdom
  • “Your City” is Tar Valon
  • “Your Sisters” is Aes Sedai
  • “Read the Signs” is most likely wielding the power or channeling

It is also important to note that the dialog herein does not necessarily reflect the final script for the show and could’ve been created in this form to help highlight certain attributes in the character to help with the cast selection process.

The Video

Seána Kerslake – Nadie – The Wheel of Time from Stephen Jones on Vimeo.

Part One

Nynaeve: Where are my friends?

Lan: How did you find me?

Nynaeve: Are they alive?

Lan: Why do you have that sword?

Nynaeve: Because it’s sharp. I won’t ask again.

Lan: They’re not here.

Nynaeve: What did she do to them?

Lan: We were separated; [Moiraine] was wounded.

Nynaeve: You do want to learn how to be less vague… and fast.

Lan: You think you know this world, but you know nothing girl.  The Dark itself is coming for your friends and [Moiraine] has [fought forces] with everything she has to keep them safe. They are the only thing she cares about. They are the reason she’s in this condition.

Nynaeve: If she cares about them so much, why did she leave them?

Lan: She didn’t. I did.

Nynaeve: where are they?

Lan: I don’t know… but [Moiraine] will. You’re a healer.

Nynaeve: You think I’m going to help her?

Lan: She’s the only one who can find them… if you…

Nynaeve: How will she find them?

Part Two

Moiraine: … [the guilt] is so much worse that you can’t fight back

Nynaeve: What are you doing here?

Moiraine: I wanted to walk.

Nynaeve: Here. In our village.

Moiraine: I’d ask the same of you. The shaman brought you here with her. A baby whose parents passed but no one seems to remember exactly when. That’s the thing about these little towns. No one keeps track of anything. Births. Deaths…

Nynaeve: That doesn’t mean we don’t remember. That shaman. The woman who raised me. When she was only 13 years old and realized she could read the signs, she went to your city. She walked from here. It took her months. And when she got there, your sisters took one look at her ragged clothes and her peasant accent and turned her away. She was small. Yes. And from a little town, but she remembered, until the day she died. And so do I.

Moiraine: See, everyone says you’re too young to be shaman, but I disagree. I think you’re strong, even if you [had your ceremony] a year or two ago.

Nynaeve: It’s been five years.

Moiraine: That makes you 25? 26?

Nynaeve: Doesn’t mean I can’t do my job. And that’s to protect this town. Even if it is from you. Enjoy your walk.

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