Two sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity revealed to wotseries that Amazon’s The Wheel of Time will be eliminating one of the seven Ajahs. According to one of the sources, the “Seven Kingdoms” was a big influence on this decision, as WoT is trying to avoid comparisons to Game of Thrones. We have learned previously that the show even considered replacing wolves with bears to avoid such comparisons.

Apparently the idea first came up when one of the writers sent a message to the writing and production staff with colored heart emojis. They sent blue, green, yellow, brown, white and red. No gray. During a subsequent writing session, one of the writers suggested that the show adopt a “Six Ajah” approach to avoid the “Seven Kingdom” thing. And used the message with the heart to slip in that gray should be the color to go because “who the fuck knows what the Grays do anyways”?

Show consultant Sarah Nakamura pushed back, saying that as a Blue, she can take on the cause of convincing the Unicode Consortium to introduce a Gray heart emoji before the show is released. Show runner Rafe Judkins stepped in and started ranting about some Aes Sedai named Chesmal Emry. According to the source, that’s not the first time he’s done that. He has some weird obsession with the Aes Sedai as she apparently reminds him of one of his Survivor cast mates.

We tried to get upset over this news, but couldn’t remember any Gray sisters. So we went back and reviewed the list of Grays and actually think this is a great change to the story that will appeal to many hardcore fans, who are generally understanding and don’t mind letting the professionals do their job.

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