Amazon Prime Video will release The Wheel of Time television series in 2021. In a motion title treatment, Amazon revealed a new logo for the series along with the release year. The video features a spiraling, metallic serpent followed by unfolding letters forming “The Wheel of Time” overlaid atop the snake.

The official logo or icon for the series is a more simplified form of the animation from the video. It features the metallic serpent about to eat its own tail encircling the letters W and T.



  • The biggest news here is the confirmation of a 2021 release date.
  • This was a widely shared video, posted by all regional Prime Video social media accounts. (Checkout @GeekyEri’s video mash of all the regional logos below).
  • We might have very well heard our first bit of music from the show. It was definitely unique.
  • The social media account for the show updated their Twitter logo with the new mark, with an embedded message in the Old Tongue. The text reads “kodome calichniye ga ni atha’an aman hei”, which translates to “Here is always a welcome for the people of the Dragon”, a very nice nod to book fans.
  • This has been the biggest coordinated effort we’ve seen to date. The video will definitely receive millions of views.
  • The Refinery Creative had a hand in producing this video.
  • As has been the case with previous videos, the social media account handlers have done well to make the video accessible by providing detailed description of the visuals. We applaud them for this.


Watch The Dusty Wheel’s coverage here, and Unravelling the Pattern’s breakdown here.

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