According to Lolita Chakrabarti’s publicist website,, Lolita is in fact a cast member in Amazon’s adaptation of the Wheel of Time. Lolita is one of four actors who appeared in Amazon’s table read promo video back in October who have yet to be identified with certainty or confirmed by their agency or the show itself.

According to the actor’s page on the website, under the heading of “TV & Film” acting projects, Lolita “is currently filming The Wheel of Time (Amazon Prime/Sony)“.


Our money is on Lolita playing Marin al’Vere, Egwene’s mother. She’s also everyone’s mom in Emond’s field and most likely the nicest character in the series. Best cook, too!

Lolita on IMDB.

Lolita on Twitter.

Lolita Chakrabarti is the playwright for award-winning stage adaptation of Life of Pi.


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