Twitter use @geekyeri uncovered the script actors used to audition for Rand’s role.

Here’s the tweet:

Hi, #TwitterofTime! I found an audition video for Rand. Just one scene. I transcribed the dialogue to the best of my ability. Happy New Year! #wheeloftimetv #wheeloftime #WoT

Attached to the tweet was the script, as transcribed by @geekyeri:

R is for Ridhaan, Rand’s code name for casting, and E is for Egwene. This is most likely during the flight from Emond’s Field and being pursued by Trollocs. Also likely after a training “session” by Moiraine, instructing Egwene in embracing the One Power.

Here’s the script in plain text version:

Audition video for “Ridhaan” (Rand)

(scene takes place around a fire)

R: So you let me fall asleep?
E: You act like I had some say in the matter!
R: So what really happened today?
E: It wasn’t today. It was before- Nadie, she asked me to become her apprentice.

R: What? No! You?

E: She asked. I didn’t say yes or no. She thinks I’ll be able to read the signs if I work with her.
R: Really? It’s a lonely life, that. No husband. No kids. Certainly hasn’t made Nadie happier.
E: I don’t think anything would make Nadie happy.
R: (sighs) I should get to bed.

E: Ridhaan!

(I did the best I could transcribing! Sorry for any
Errors! – geekyeri)

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