Salli Richardson-Whitfield is for sure sure directing Wheel of Time episode(s). Let’s be honest, this wasn’t in doubt. Not after she posted a photo of her in Prague alongside a copy of The Dragon Rebron to Instagram (with a #WheelOfTime hashtag, mind). Not after posting yet another photo to Instagram in Prague wearing a Wheel of Time badge (as pointed out by Narg). What’s the latest clue (if you want to call it that)? One of the newest casting reveals, that of Emmanuel Imani who will play Alanna Sedai’s warder, Ihvon, leads us to another reveal of Salli, in fact, directing WoT.

Emmanuel Imani is repped by the Independent Talent Group. They have just recently updated his resume to include the Wheel of Time entry. And as is common with talent agency credits, the listings will include the name of movie or TV show, the studio, and the director (sometimes they’ll also include the producers and other cast members). In this case, here’s what they list:


Source: Screen grab from

In text:

Production (role) Company Project details
THE WHEEL OF TIME (Ihvon) Amazon Studios / Sony Pictures Television Studios Director: Salli Richardson-Whitfiled


This is interesting on a few different levels than just confirmation of a director. This can also tell us some interesting things, such as Salli most likely directing some really cool scenes, especially the Fal Dara bits when the Amyrlin visits and meets with Rand. That’s where we’re supposed to first meet Alanna (and maybe her warders).

Also, with Priyanka Bose recently popping up in Prague (per multiple Instagram posts), it looks like an expanded role for Alanna and Logain might mean that Salli Richardson also directs supposed Logain capture sequences not in the original story.

Last but not least, Salli Richardson-Whitfield will forever be one of our favorites because: a) one hell of a resume, she does it all, b) she was in Stargate for the Light’s sake!

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